As Above So Below – GGNY Review

By Zachary Kirk-Singer I must confess that I had not heard of As Above So Below but I was intrigued upon reading the concept – well, both intrigued and terrified. While I don’t mind the recent surge of the “found footage” subgenre in Horror, I am not a fan of caves. Still, I walked in […]


True Blood Recap 07.10 “Thank You”

By Greg Solomon “Thank you”…but no, thank you. Honestly, if I weren’t writing these recaps I could have died without watching the series finale and it wouldn’t have bothered me one bit. But here I am, to put the final nail in the coffin of seven years of my life. As I sit here, I recall […]

GGNY Review: The Giver

By Nick Robbins A good idea is a terrible thing to waste. The Giver, which opened this Friday, is blessed with a fantastic premise but suffers from poor execution and a lack of real commitment to either the source material or the variations the screenwriters have chosen to make. Based on Lois Lowry’s 1993 novel, […]

True Blood Recap 07.09 “Love is to Die”

By Greg Solomon At long last, the penultimate episode of this shitshow. Time to see if they can somehow manage to make this any worse (I’d say it’s impossible but I’m sure they’ll prove me wrong!) Will Bill live? Will Bill die? Will Sookie give birth to the baby of the LOST smoke monster? Will I […]

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True Blood Recap 07.08 “Almost Home” 1

By Greg Solomon Almost but not quite – three more of these gauntlets to get through! But for now, The Abnormal Heart. My apologies in advance as I am a day late to the party this week, and it’s also a party I just want to go home from. On the recap they show quite a […]

True Blood Recap 07.07 “Maybe the Last Time”

By Greg Solomon The episodes have definitely felt like they’re getting better week on week – will this trend continue? Let’s find out! Thanks to the hints from the “Previously on True Blood” montage, it looks like this will be the week that Hoyt reappears in Bon Temps (yay Hoyt!). For some reason, Amber is […]

Lucy and the New Hollywood Cerebral Science

By Zachary Kirk-Singer I have been really excited to see Lucy for quite some time. I had been waiting at least since January to see Scarlet “evolve” and fling people across the room like a more curvaceous Jean Grey. So, when the chance for my boyfriend and myself arose to see it early, I jumped […]